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Finding Your Voice

Finding your voice sounds simple but how often have you found yourself not speaking up, not pointing out when something is wrong and allowing others to take away your voice?

All too often people don’t speak up for a multitude of reasons: “nothing will change if I do”; “I can’t”; “It’s too much work”; “I’ll let someone else do it” or “I didn’t know I could”. For whatever reason, we need to not only find our voice but we need to use it. When we see that there is a wrong, we shouldn’t just stand by hoping it will go away or wait for someone else to fix it. We, as individuals, need to take action. As attorneys, we are not only in a position to make things right but we can empower others to have a voice and make things right.

Knowledge is power and a little bit can go a long way. We, as Barristers, are committed to spreading that knowledge so people can feel empowered to take control of their lives.

The programs that the Barristers are putting together this year reflect that commitment:
Our Community Outreach committee, chaired by Marilyn Moore and Jeanine Percival Wright, are actively pursuing various community organizations to find out what advocacy needs they have so that we can provide them with those services. Among those are programs to educate people on their rights regarding landlord tenant issues, family issues, immigration, everyday life skills and employment issues. By providing them with a foundation of what their fundamental rights are, they become more empowered to fully participate in their lives and in return can empower and inspire others.

Our monthly Roxbury Park Clinic, chaired by Alex Grager, recipient of the 2010 Lawrence J. Blake Award, and Brian Smith, is a free legal clinic held on the first Saturday of each month at the Roxbury Park Community Center. The clinic covers such topics as Consumer Law, Landlord Tenant, Small Claims, Business Disputes, Family Law, Wills and Trusts and other legal issues.
Our Tolerance Through Education Program, chaired by Doron Eghbali, goes into schools and teaches the ideas of respect, consideration and kindness to third graders in order to help them negotiate the social challenges they face daily and it provides them with information to help build their self esteem.

Our Courthouse Walk Through, chaired by Megan Peitzke, is a program in which a judge and courthouse staff provide a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at the Municipal and Superior Court experience for elementary school students. This program allows the students to ask questions about the judicial system and see firsthand how it impacts their daily lives.

Our Blue Car Project, chaired by Jonathan Dennis and Steve Sutow, is an in-school program presented by attorney volunteers to help high school students learn about the law and responsibility through the sale of a car. We are currently revamping the program which will have the same fundamental purpose of teaching about the law but it will be more current with several new areas of the law added.

While we are planning to do a lot of work this year, we are also planning on having some fun! Our Social Committee, chaired by Debbie Fontaine, has made arrangements for a monthly Happy Hour on the third Thursday of each month, at The Thompson Hotel’s rooftop bar (9360 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA) from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. This is open to everyone so please join us.

Our Communications Committee, chaired by Anne K. Price, is doing an amazing job keeping everyone updated via Facebook and Twitter. If you ever want to know what the Barristers are doing, please visit our Facebook page and friend us to get the latest pictures and updates.

A solo practitioner, Leigh Leshner's law practice is primarily transactional entertainment and business law. She brings hands on business and entertainment experience to her practice where she represents producers,writers, directors, actors, production companies and business owners. She can be reached at 818-763-6300.