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The Next Generation

With every new evolution, there come fresh ideas, renewed enthusiasm and new perspectives. This is true of generations as well. As one generation matures, another one evolves.

This is why it is so important to nurture, educate and support the Barrister members and law students as they are the future generation of Beverly Hills Bar Association leaders.

The Barristers are committed to empowering young attorneys and law students through their MCLE programs, Law School outreach and pro bono work. Our MCLE programs are known for their excellence in quality, information and presenters. We offer a wide range of programs that teach attendees the basic nuts and bolts information that they need to successfully navigate the complexities of the areas of law within which they are working. This year, we have had programs on entertainment, non-profit law and environmental law. Our upcoming programs include negotiation techniques, mediation, business formations, the basics of DUI cases, the nuts and bolts of litigation, how to contract with the government, entertainment, nuts and bolts of family law, medicaire, marketing, how to start your solo practice and the basics of an unlawful detainer.

To help encourage and support law students, we attend Law School Bar Fairs, provide a New Admittee Reception and provide our Brunch for 8 Program. Diana Francis, chairs our committee for both the Law School Projects and the New Admittee Reception. The New Admittee Reception gives this freshman class an opportunity to meet each other as well as leaders and members of the Association and introduces them to our activities and programs. The Law School Project designs and implements programs that reach out to local law schools through bar fairs and programs and encourages early involvement in the professional aspect of the practice of law. Our “Lunch With ” program, a mini-mentoring program, is designed to allow younger attorneys and law students to meet and learn from more experienced attorneys. The lunches are limited to 8 participants who have the opportunity to meet with well respected and well known legal professionals and get an up close and personal look at the legal profession and advice for their chosen career path.

Brunch for 8, chaired by 2009/2010 Barrister President Sean O’Brien, is a brunch for a group of law students from each law school with the leadership of the Bar Association and other attorneys. The brunch allows the students the opportunity to meet with attorneys and ask them questions and get guidance about their careers and the law.

We also afford Barristers the opportunity to participate in providing pro bono legal work through our legal clinics that allow Barristers to further develop their legal skills as well as their interpersonal skills with clients.

A solo practitioner, Leigh Leshner's law practice is primarily transactional entertainment and business law. She brings hands on business and entertainment experience to her practice where she represents producers, writers, directors, actors, production companies and business owners. She can be reached at 818-763-6300.